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LEGION III - Versatile & Radical

LEGION III - Polyvalent & Radical

Building on its legacy, the Legion III stands out for both its versatile capabilities and its technicality. It is with the aim of always pushing the limits of the discipline that we have developed a brand-new structure inspired from competition sailing, on our newest kite, the LEGION III.

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Since the beginning of the discipline, KITESURF has seen many breakthrough innovations such as the C SHAPE or the BOW KITE. These innovations have taken the sport to new heights and performances unknown before.


The LEGION III offers a new technology that has nothing to envy to the previous major innovations in the KITESURF market. We have redesigned our LEGION to offer you a TRI-RADIAL FLUID STRUCTURE. This evolution consists of an extremely precise and complex cutting of our fabric to improve and fluidize the air flow. Initially used in the nautical industry on racing sails, these cuts provide a better flow of air due to an optimal tension of the fabric. The sail works in the same direction as the force of the wind on it and gives a natural and efficient aerodynamic effect. The radial structure makes the kite more incisive and precise on the water.


The direct consequences that this TRI-RADIAL revolution will have on the LEGION III are:

       Much more mania and speed

       An impressive lightness even on the larger sizes

       A bigger and more pronounced drift

       Smoother and more intuitive bar feeling


This innovation comes from our initial work on the proven EXOSTRUCTURE of the previous two versions of the LEGION. We have chosen to take inspiration from the very advanced technologies of the boating industry to combine our know-how with theirs and offer a highly technical and precise product to achieve unparalleled performance.


We are just at the beginning of this revolution which will become a standard on the KITESURF market in a few years. No more linear cuts and identical panels, the RADIAL cut is only at its beginning and it is HB SURF with the LEGION III that is the precursor.




The LEGION III is a continuation of our LEGION range, which is a freeride kite with an incomparable wave quality. The DRIFT and DEPOWER are the key elements of this new kite which will delight the experts of the discipline and will give confidence and support to the more novice riders.


In order to be able to speak to everyone and to support all types of riders in their progression, the LEGION III has 2 types of settings:

- 3 bar pressure and speed settings to suit all levels and wind conditions

- 3 DRIVING MODE settings to suit different disciplines: SURF / FREERIDE / FREESTYLE


So you can do everything with your LEGION III, no matter what your level, your discipline and your affinity. The LEGION III is for EVERYONE. You can't say that this kite isn't for you, there will always be a setting to suit your taste.





The LEGION III comes standard with a pulley bridle that makes it a very intuitive and easy to handle kite for wave, freeride, freestyle or foil riding. These pulleys provide the DRIFT and DEPOWER that we look for in a kite during our low and mid-range sessions.


In the LEGION III bag, you will find another pulley-less bridle called the RADICAL RESPONSIVENESS OPTION which you can use for:

- Your high range sessions or during your most extreme sessions in harsh conditions

- Those who want more mania and reactivity while keeping a kite with DRIFT and DEPOWER


With this bridle you can use the LEGION III in the most powerful conditions, or simply if you are looking for a very robust kite that can react directly to your every move. This will slightly reduce depower and drift but will increase your reaction time and locks in the shape so that it can't change, no matter how strong the elements are or how fast you maneuver is. No more autopilot, you will enter manual mode where every move you make will have an almost immediate effect on your Kite and your ride. It's up to you!





We are French and we claim it in our design. We work with the same designer since the beginning of the creation of the brand in order to propose a unique aspect to all our products, which are very distinctly different from the other offers of the market. We choose sobriety and balance between each graphic element that we borrow from the luxury industry because for us KITE is a way of life that deserves fine and refined products.


At HB SURF we like high-end products that last and stand the test of time, as our boards show. This is why we have chosen to produce the highest quality products possible, using the best materials, know-how and production workshops in the industry. The seams, reinforcements, slats, fabric, bag and all the elements of our LEGION III are the highest quality and custom made that you will find on the market and all share the same characteristics: Lightness, Robustness and Technicality. 

LEGION III - Polyvalent & Radical
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